Services Offered


All Car, Van & Light Commercial - Private. Business' and Trade


Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs from Suspension Replacement & Wheel Bearing to Clutch Replacement


Electrical Repairs & Installation

All Electrical Repairs Inc. Wiring, ECU Faults and Batteries

Electrical Installs Inc. Radios, Lightbars and Most Additional Electrical Equipment


MOT Preparation & Arrangement

We Can Prepare Your Vehicle For MOT and Also Arrange It

Covering MOT Class IV, V & VII



Servicing is an Important Part of a Vehicles Maintenence Schedule

We Can Service Your Vecicle to Your Requirements and Also Uphold the Manufacturers Warranty


Fleet Maintenence

We Understand Business... We Also Understand all Business are Different...

So With That In Mind We Can Help Create and Implement a Maintenence Plan For Your Fleet

From Basic Service Plans -to- Full Service & Repair, We Make It Work For You



With Our Comprehensive Range of Diagnostics Equipment, We can Diagnose Your Fault

Our Equipment also Alows us Module Initialisation on Various Components Which Require Programming on Fitting


Advanced Programming (Available Mobile)

Using a Range of Dealer Level Equipment We Can Install, Clone & Even Edit ECU Modules

Transit Body Control Module Repairs and Initialisation to Suit VIN

Diesel Component Learns, Virginisation, Programming...

PCM Updates

Limiter Removal & Install



For All Bookings & Enquiries Please Contact Our Workshop

01357 521 531



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