Transit Specific Help & FAQ's

Here we have some common faults and frequently asked questions. We want to corret some of the bad advice/information that is available online.


My Transit is 'Hunting' at Idle, What's causing this ?


This is a very common problem affecting the MK7 (2006-2012) Euro 4 2.2, 2.4& 3.2 Transit. The Engine Idle 'Hunts' and can even cut out. In extreme cases we've seen total non-start and occasionally intermittiant non-start. This is caused by the SCV (Suction Control Valve) not being able to regulate the fuel pressure correctly and subsiquently causing the rough idle. In some cases it can also cause the PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) to 'Blow' and allow fuel to leave the fuel rail via the return pipe causing low Fuel Rail Pressure. The Fix is to replace the SCV and Check/Replace the PRV if required. We recomment using good qyality replacements as there is lots of cheap copies available online and these are substandard. Stick with Genuine Ford or Denso Parts. Once These have been fitted, you'll need to Reset the Duration Counters on the fuel system before carrying out and Fuel Pump and Injector Pilot Learn to allow the fuel system to re-adjust itself to the new parts fitted. We would also recommend hyaving the PCM (ECU) updated to the latest software veraion to help prevent any catastrophic fuel failures in future.




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